What Would Your First Suit Be? - Lee Fashion Tailor
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What Would Your First Suit Be?

What Would Your First Suit Be?

When talking about suits, it seems not to be a primary concern for adolescents. However, once they step in the working age, it becomes an unavoidable necessity.

To make a purchase of your first suit can be tiresome and frustrating. You may wonder what kind of suits you should buy first. Moreover, if you’d like to buy the next one for any occasion in life, what kind of suits should you select? Or what color should it be?

We are pleased to recommend the “Suit Ladder Theory” - a suit buying guide for beginners

There are a lot to consider when making a decision about suits. However, you will no longer have to worry about it. We are pleased to recommend the “Suit Ladder Theory” – a suit buying guide for beginners – to you. This theory will assist you through every step of beginning in buying suits.

First of all, the first step of Suit Ladder Theory suggests how to select and buy your first suit. For your first purchase, a dark grey suit would be a wise choice. In term of versatility dark grey suit is more useful and can be used for almost all occasions in life. Moreover, when paired up with other colors, a dark gray suit goes well with others.

The second Ladder would be buying a dark blue suit-called “Navy suit.” The use of the navy suit differs from the grey one. This color is perfectly appropriate for meetings, conferences, or social events.

Then, you may consider buying pinstripe, plaid, or other suits in different patterns in order to create a variety of choices upon wearing suits whether it’s colors, patterns, or designs. Buying pinstripe or plaid suits is your best bet for moving on to the next step of buying suits. Unlike formal suits, pinstripe and plaid suits are more stylish so you may be able to wear them on a casual day.

The forth step is buying a black suit. No matter what kind of works you do, it’s unavoidable to encounter significant occasions in life. In order to dress up properly for those occasions, you’d better wear a formal suit with simple color- Black. The color black represents formality. Therefore, you could use a black suit when attending formal occasions, funerals, or even wedding ceremonies.

Suit Ladder Theory, recommended, guides the way of buying basic suits that should be stored in the closet of every working-age man. Besides the theory recommended, your next suit would be any suit that fulfills your needs. Whether buying suits or ordering custom-made suits are all your freedom of choices.