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Types of Suits That Fit You Just Right

Types of Suits That Fit You Just Right

Not everyone looks good in the same suit pattern. Some might fail to wear it to perfection because their body types differ. Different body types of people are factors to consider when selecting a suit to wear.


Therefore, we are here to give you the guideline about how to choose the right suit that well fit for you and your body type.

Not everyone looks good in the same suit pattern.

For tall men or big men, in order to avoid looking clumsy, you should wear a suit that has quite longer jacket length than usual. The simple way to choose the right suit is to try it on, then use your fingers as a marker and have your arms relaxed in natural stance. Next, check the position of the hem of the suit jacket. It should be right at your fingertips.


For shirt sleeve length, expose about half an inch of the shirt cuff and make sure it’s visible beyond the jacket cuff. If you choose a suit by following our tips directly, your physical appearance when wearing the suit will be better. Wearing the right suit could give you the image of a muscular man with gentleman’s charisma.

Next, skinny men. Wearing a really close-fitted suit makes a skinny person look physically weaker, smaller, and frail. The simple tip for avoiding this case is wearing an over-sized suit that make you look like you are larger than you actually are. However, the suit must not too large or too billowing. In case you want to improve your appearance, wearing a suit with soft shoulder pads or wearing a waistcoat beneath a suit jacket could add bulk of your frame and make you look like you are more compact than usual.

Ultimately, if you are short or stout men looking for a suit, the best option for you is dark colored suit such as dark blue, dark grey, or dark brown suit, all of which could give the illusion and hide your frame so you could be more confident upon wearing it. Another suggestion is getting a suit that fits just right for you, not too small or too big, or that follows your frame closely without billowing or stretching. Besides, the suit should be a one-button or two-button suit since these two types of suit seem to lengthen the appearance of your body. Furthermore, wearing heeled shoes is a good way of lengthening your appearance as well.

According to the passage mentioned above, if you pay attention to all details whether they’re small or big details upon choosing a suit for yourself, it’s certain that you will get the right suit which looks good on you the most and becomes your favorite one at last.