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Picking the perfect business suit for Women

Picking the perfect business suit for Women

It can’t be denied that the modern women nowadays prefer wearing clothes that would enhance their appearance, make them appear trustworthy and boost their confidence at work. On account of this, wearing a suit would be the best possible way to achieve this. However, have you ever wondered how to choose a suit that best expresses your personality while being appropriate for work?


The first thing you have to think about when choosing a suit for yourself is your body shape. Since everyone has a different body shape, the one size fits all doesn’t apply here.

the modern women nowadays prefer wearing clothes that would enhance their appearance

Let’s begin with women having a straight shaped body. Women with straight body shape has little or no curve definition. For these women, a straight-fit suit which is not too tight and not too loose works best for their shape. When wearing striped suit, go with horizontal striped pattern and try not to wear the vertical ones. Moreover, it’s advisable not to wear trousers with large bottom since this type of trouser could emphasize your body to look even more straight.


Next up is women with curves. Curvy body shape-hourglass body shape, is totally the opposite of the straight body shape. To emphasize the curves, wearing a suit, made of lightweight fabrics, which is perfectly fitted for your body shape is a wise choice.


For short-waisted women, wearing a long-length suit jacket in vertical striped pattern is a good way to create an illusion of a balanced body. Furthermore, wearing a suit with skinny trousers or a short skirt as your favorite working outfit could definitely complete your perfect look for any working day.


For long-waisted women, very similar to short-waisted women, which is to create an illusion of a balanced body. A long-waisted woman should wear a short-length suit jacket and pair it with a high-waisted or wide waistband trouser.

Let’s focus deeper into the triangle body shape: having lower body bigger than upper body. For women having a triangle body shape, the key to mix and match a suit is to draw attention upward by wearing a short length suit jacket in vertical striped pattern. Moreover, you could use accessories to draw more attention to upper body as well.


However, for a woman whose upper body is quite bigger than lower part, you’d better avoid wearing a suit which is very fitted or close to the body. A loose-fitting suit is the right fit for your shape. Furthermore, you should draw attention away from the upper body by wearing a short skirt or skinny trouser for instance.


Besides body shape, it’s important to pay attention to colors as well. Starting with a beige suit, this color looks great on tall and thin women while a black suit, the classic color of all time, is very versatile and works best with shirts in a variety of colours. Additionally, if you’d like to boost your confidence, try matching a gray shirt with a black suit and put on some accessories. With this tip, you’ll be well on your way to a more confident appearance. Another color we’d like to recommend is gray. Gray suit seems to be versatile when matching with any shirt style. Wearing a gray suit could give you a refined and elegant look. Whether it’s confident or feminine appearance, putting on a gray suit would complete the look perfectly.


In conclusion, all of the tips mentioned above is the foundation of how to choose a suit for the modern women. Ready made off the shelf suits might be a choice for some people… but if you’re looking for a suit that perfectly fits you, we’d like to recommend having a bespoke suit made specially for you.